We understand that many people are new to the concept of a Virtual Assistant so we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions. However, if you don't see what you need here then get in touch.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant, or VA, is an independent service provider who assists in your business processes - usually undertaking administrative or secretarial tasks. A VA will work from their own space, completely remotely - they could be working on your accounts from Cornwall whilst you are working in Glasgow. You can employ a VA on a day to day or ad hoc basis, depending on your particular needs and requirements. Most importantly a VA is there to make your business run more smoothly - you delegate the tasks and they are completed for you in a timely manner to a highly professional standard.

Why is it worth considering working with a VA?

The answer is simple - to save you time. As a business owner you will be conscious of all the aspects of the running of your business, as well as ensuring you make time for yourself. Working with a VA allows you to delegate those 'boring' or 'annoying' tasks, giving you the time and freedom to work on the more important tasks that you enjoy.

Can I call my Virtual Assistant or does everything have to be done over email?

We adapt to your individual working style. Many of our clients choose to speak to their Virtual Assistant (VA) regularly via phone and we are happy to accommodate this request. All of our VAs have a UK mobile number that you can call from any phone around the world, including your mobile phone. Some of our clients prefer to communicate electronically and avoid the phone like the plague – we can work with that, too! In those cases, we make sure to be available regularly via email, instant messenger, or Skype chat.

Do I work with one Virtual Assistant or is there a pool of people available to me?

Each client is matched with one individual Virtual Assistant based on appropriate skill set and technology knowledge, availability, experience, personality and corporate culture. This is the person with whom you will be partnering long term, they will learn your business inside and out and help you with the day-to-day management so you can focus on growing your business. It is as if you have hired someone in-office, except that your VA provides her own work space, computer and phone, and is available at flexible hours on-demand. What could be better?

Do I need to purchase blocks of time?

No. We track time and invoice monthly to the nearest 15 minutes. You pay only for the time you use.

When is my Virtual Assistant available to me?

Each Virtual Assistant is available to work at different times during the week.  Should you have specific hours you require your assistant to be available, do discuss it during your consultation so we can make sure and match you with a VA that can commit to availability at those specific hours.